TrainingGearAsia (TGA) is a Behavioral and Talent Development House in Asia.
We focus on igniting performance by developing the behavior for success.

Our new frontier of leadership for the next century…

Leadership alone will not be enough because
there will not be any “ship” to lead
in the future.

LeaderShift calls for leaders to harness the ability to Shift Mindset. Shape Emotion and Sharpen Performance. Transforming behavior is not a myth, but a realistic goal. Successful leaders embrace the importance of having influence as a priority leadership skill. They understand the power of influencing their people positively, inspiring them into action and igniting their performance.

Leading in the future will not be easy but Leaders who understand behavior will have followers easily. it is not about leading the “ship” but leading the shift.

People Leave Because of People.
People Stay Because of Leader.
Are You That Leader?

Joseph Wong
CEO and Behavioral Transformation Coach
TraininggGearAsia Pte Ltd (Singapore)

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