Be An Influential Leader (Featured On The Straits Times – 26 May 2017)

BE AN INFLUENTIAL LEADER - Win the hearts and minds of your people. Leading people in the 21st century today requires a shift in mindsets and perspectives. The term Leadershift is becoming the byword when you discuss the concepts of leadership today. Because people today are highly mobile nowadays, you can only retain talent by winning their hearts and minds. Rewards and recognition alone are no longer enough.  What is equally important is the character and standing of the leader they are following. My favorite … [Read more...]

Happiness At Work (Featured on The Straits Times – 7 April 2017)

HAPPINESS AT WORK - How to be happier at the workplace. Happiness has always been a by-product of positive outcomes. We chase after something to make us happy (i.e. instant gratification), and it has never been the other way around because it’s easier said than done. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Some reasons as to why we are not happy at work includes not loving what you are doing enough, or being stressed over a project - not because we do not have the capability but perhaps it is not an area of … [Read more...]

Talk It Through (Featured On The Straits Times – 3 Nov 2016)

TALK IT THROUGH - How to broach a difficult conversation at work? Have there been times at work and in your life when you felt strongly about something but did not speak up? There are various psychological reasons why people choose not to speak up even when they know they should. Here are some reasons why people refrain from speaking up and ways to do so courageously. Not Wanting To Be The Problem The greatest motivation and ironically the same factor that deters us from speaking up is the need to … [Read more...]

Leave No Man Behind (Featured On The Straits Times – 28 Feb 2017)

Leaving No Man Behind - The secrets to building a team that last. Having trained and spoken at several key events covering leadership, teams and influence at work, I concluded that there are many secrets of building not just a great team, but a team that lasts. Having been in-field as part of the United Nation’s Peacekeeping Force, I have witnessed the importance of a team being able to thrive under pressure especially when lives are at stake. I believe the first ingredient of building a great team is when your … [Read more...]

Procrastination Can Be Good (Featured on The Straits Times – 16 August 2016)

Procrastination Can Be Good - Fuel your originality by putting things off In our fast-paced society, we are so used to the mantra that you need to have a perfect plan and execute it accordingly to the timeline and direction. But there are a few ways to ensure procrastination works for, and not against, you. BENEFITS OF PROCRASTINATION In fact, research shown that by sticking rigidly to a strategy might not work for us in some instance. Let us first define procrastination. In ancient Egypt, there were two … [Read more...]

Influence with a Mission – Featured On The Straits Times (29 Dec 2016)

Influence with a mission  Adopt the correct mindsets to be an effective and successful influencer During my speaking and training engagement, one question that I regularly posed to all participants is: Do you influence because it is your job or do you influence with a mission? Influencing because it is your job is not going to take you very far. But if we shift our mindset to influencing with a mission, we will walk and run the extra miles because it’s exciting and it’s worth it. At the end of the day, even if … [Read more...]

Why Do Leaders Fail? – Featured On The Straits Times (15 Nov 2016)

Can everyone become a leader? If we define leadership as a title, not everyone can become a leadership because positions at the top of the chain are scarce. But if we can regard leadership as a journey of growth rather than a title, it would have a more powerful meaning. Here are some reasons why leaders can fail: 1. THEY SEE PEOPLE AS TASKS. Conventional leadership equals to position and authority. This is why leadership is often over-glorified because we focus on the title and power that comes with it. … [Read more...]

Retaining Talent Or Keep Them Returning – Featured On The Straits Times (9 Sep 2016)

Retaining Talent Or Keep Them Returning The real meaning of talent staying with you. The favorite question that has been going around for decades regarding talent retention is about how we can retain talent. A better question to ask is how can we ensure that talent return to us one day? Making Talent Stay With the new generation and mindset currently in the workplace, not to mention the Gen Z that will be stepping into the workforce five to eight years from now, we must have a good sense of how they see … [Read more...]

The New Style of Leadership – Featured On The Strait Times (6 Oct 2016)

The New Style of Leadership. The new leader today lives without the title. A conversation I had with a senior leader was about how leadership today is evolving not just by how the economy is performing, but the standard people expect from their leaders today. People are not interested in coming to work, but being led. But there must be a leader whom they want to follow. This is what I call leadership by the favor of the people. What is True Leadership? The conventional leaders that we come across are promoted … [Read more...]

Embracing Change – Featured On The Straits Times (28 July 2016)

Embracing Change How to adapt to changes effectively. Most of use love variety and new challenges that help us to learn new abilities in the process. This is why change helps us to grow. People are fine with change – it is the transition that people need to get used to. Change is about transition. When dealing with change, it is not about the new system, software, or processes that are being introduced. These can be learned, and if they can be learned, they are not problems. Yet so often, they become the … [Read more...]