Leading Series

Influence At Work (For Leaders)

Leading with Influence is an advance influence and leadership skill programme for leaders. We place emphasis on how leaders can shift, shape and sharpen behaviors. Influential leaders are able to shift behavior without relying on authority, they knew how to move people from resistance into commitment?

The methodology in this workshop is highly flexible and can be magnified into business planning. Most importantly, Leaders would appreciate the practicality of the influence and persuasion strategies that can be applied immediately.

Key Takeaway:

  1. To decode behavior of your current members and what you can do to motivate them into action.
  2. Sharpen your assessment of your member’s behavior as one team.
  3. How leaders can anchor our message by shifting perspectives through the power of framing and reframing.
  4. Identify proven and tested strategies through the work of psychologist and behavioral scientist.
  5. Construct the blueprint of the various stakeholders you have to influence including the current team you are leading.

Accelerate Your Leadership Performance (with PVP Profile)

How do we breakthrough and accelerate as a leader. It is highly important for leaders to gain clarity of one’s strength, but it is even more important to identify unconscious conflicting behavior that is inhibiting us to lead forward and further.

This program is targeted at empowering leaders to discover their behavior and take charge of their leadership journey by charting out personal development blueprint and exploring how they can breakthrough and lead forward and further.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Understand one’s personal leadership traits at work, emotions, leadership and thoughts quadrant.
  2. Uncovering individual leadership conflicting behaviors, which inhibit leadership excellence and performance.
  3. Identifying new mental blueprint to breakthrough one’s leadership development.
  4. Create action plans to chart one’s leadership direction with organization support and resources.
  5. Appreciate psychological techniques to accelerate one’s mental model of leadership success.

Leading Trust

Building and growing trust is one of the mandatory requirements to not just building a great place to work but an awesome one! To build an awesome workplace, a leader needs to harness and consistently grow their credibility, respect and fairness. It is not up to the leader to decide whether he or she is trustworthy, but their employees and team members. An important leadership skill that cannot be underestimated.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Understand the true meaning of what it means to have trust from your people.
  2. Identify ways and action steps to build and grow trust
  3. Fully appreciate the ways to build one’s credibility.
  4. Identifying strategies to truly win respect from people and create high level of fairness.
  5. Identifying how one’s personality affects your own leadership styles to uncover blind spots.

Leading First Time

This programme focuses on managers and leaders who will be leading a team of people for the very first time. Assuming the role of a leader can be uncertain as to the behavior required of a new leader versus peers. This programme focus on the behavioral aspect of a new leader and what they can do to transit successfully to a leader role and at the same time, garner even greater influence among their working peers.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Appreciate the new paradigm of leadership and how it impacts our growth as leader and our relationship with our people.
  2. Identify your leadership style and tendency towards task and people.
  3. Appreciate a whole new world about leading people.
  4. Identify critical leadership skills to increase your influence with people to garner support in your new journey.
  5. Create a blueprint of your desired leadership brand.

Highly Recommended (but optional):

PVP profiling can be utilized for greater in-sight.

Transforming Your Leadership Habit

Research shown that more than 80% of who we are by the time we are aged 35 is a series of memorized behaviors, belief, values that sit deeply in our unconscious. We are who we are through years of habitual ‘programming’. As Leader, we are charged with making decision in the fastest possible time. However, have it ever occurred to you that making that recent decision might be more of a habitual behavior rather than a rational one.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Identify our leadership pattern.
  2. Uncover the undesirable leadership habit and elicit the desirable ones.
  3. Understand habit triggers and how we can downplay the noise.
  4. Identify ways to set markers or cue to create new leadership habits.
  5. Building a personal leadership identity to ground oneself to powerful habit.

Coaching At Work

As a leader, you have the power to tap into people’s potential. Unfortunately we are often flooded with task and deadline and we opted for an easier way out – instruct or destruct. This need not be the case. The Coach program focuses on how we as leader can identify people’s motivation, and use it to their people advantage while getting result and increasing their performance along the way.

In reality, a leader who knows how to coach have more time to themselves and it increase productivity overall versus the myth that coaching is a long drawn process. It need not be so if we are coaching correctly

Key Take-Away

  1. Understand what motivates people and how do we read their mind to coach them effectively.
  2. Identify your coaching style.
  3. Appreciate and utilize the coaching methodology and apply them in multiple situations.
  4. How coaching can reduce your time in coaching.
  5. The dos’ and don’ts of coaching.
  6. How coaching and mentoring integrate.