Y-SIZE Your Influence (Featured On The Straits Times – 18 July 2017)

Y-SIZE YOUR INFLUENCE Motivating and Igniting Gen-Y Success At Work. I have often shared with others that I feel like a Gen-Y in a Gen-X body? Perhaps in my early years in my career, I have been doing things the Gen-Y way. Not surprisingly, I have a lot of fun working with Gen-Y because I am so like them - age is not an issue here but simply our perspective. I recently caught up with a former polytechnic student (who is a Gen-Y) that I had taught. It’s been four years since I last taught him, and it was a great … [Read more...]

Believe In Their Success and They Will Believe In Yours (Featured On The Straits Times – 29 Aug 2017)

A common question I receive from leaders and managers whom I am privileged to train: in what context do you want to increase your influence? Is it about influence at work or influence on a personal level with your people? If it is about influence at the workplace per se, it is easy because leadership comes with a certain amount of authority, and authority is for task-related matters. To have influence over task related issues is relatively easy - just use authority. But authority is only for the task, not people. … [Read more...]

What is your leadership crisis quotient? (Featured On The Straits Times – 12 Oct 2017)

WHAT IS YOUR LEADERSHIP CRISIS QUOTIENT? Leadership is not a set of skills that we can learn instantly to become a great leader. Leaders face multiple challenges with leading people because the answer does not lie in a leadership program but a behavioral one. Real leadership skills often surface under fire. The best in-field leaders are those who understand human motivation and use that to the environment's advantage positively. Here are three leadership story that can teach us important lessons about … [Read more...]

REFLECT ON MISTAKES TO FIND SUCCESS (Featured On The Straits Times – 17 August 2017)

REFLECT ON MISTAKES TO FIND SUCCESS Coach your team to learn from failure and bounce back faster with greater resolve. After many years of researching on human behavior and working with teams and leaders, I came to discovered that people learn best not necessarily from success alone, but failures as well. When an individual or a team fail, the emotion associated with it is much heavier than the emotion associated with success. This is because when one fails, we reflect. I called the hard truth reflection, … [Read more...]

CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO (Featured On The Straits Times – 18 Aug 2017)

CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO  You need to be unconventional to make waves. As a professional speaker, I have to challenge the status quo every single time I am on stage. My personal belief is that either I be thought provoking so that I can shift mind and ignite change, or I don’t speak at all. Years of speaking and training including being an entrepreneur myself, have shown me that the only breakthrough we have to make is to challenge our own mindset and comfortable beliefs. Breaking through and opening up new … [Read more...]

Transforming Office Politics Into Opportunities (Featured On The Straits Times – 14 July 2017)

Transforming Office Politics into Opportunities. Office politics is a dynamic of power and relationship. I called it the workspace energy - a honeycomb of tension and opportunities intertwined with one another and here is no need to fear it. Here are three new honeycomb perspective on how we can see this energy in a positive way so that we can manage them with higher awareness and understanding.   Workspace energy is a honeycomb of relationship.  A friend recently shared that he went for an … [Read more...]

Ignite Your Influence (Featured On The Straits Times – 30 May 2017)

Ignite Your Influence - Do it without exerting authority by adopting a strategic approach The real test of your influence is when you can do it without authority. This is especially true for leaders where authority is naturally tagged to the title they are holding. However, influence is a skill that is critical not just to a leader’s success, but more so for people who have to work with other business units frequently. As organizations get leaner, a few business units share the same resources, and influence is … [Read more...]

Be An Influential Leader (Featured On The Straits Times – 26 May 2017)

BE AN INFLUENTIAL LEADER - Win the hearts and minds of your people. Leading people in the 21st century today requires a shift in mindsets and perspectives. The term Leadershift is becoming the byword when you discuss the concepts of leadership today. Because people today are highly mobile nowadays, you can only retain talent by winning their hearts and minds. Rewards and recognition alone are no longer enough.  What is equally important is the character and standing of the leader they are following. My favorite … [Read more...]

Happiness At Work (Featured on The Straits Times – 7 April 2017)

HAPPINESS AT WORK - How to be happier at the workplace. Happiness has always been a by-product of positive outcomes. We chase after something to make us happy (i.e. instant gratification), and it has never been the other way around because it’s easier said than done. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Some reasons as to why we are not happy at work includes not loving what you are doing enough, or being stressed over a project - not because we do not have the capability but perhaps it is not an area of … [Read more...]

Talk It Through (Featured On The Straits Times – 3 Nov 2016)

TALK IT THROUGH - How to broach a difficult conversation at work? Have there been times at work and in your life when you felt strongly about something but did not speak up? There are various psychological reasons why people choose not to speak up even when they know they should. Here are some reasons why people refrain from speaking up and ways to do so courageously. Not Wanting To Be The Problem The greatest motivation and ironically the same factor that deters us from speaking up is the need to … [Read more...]