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People tend to think that teams are the democratic and the efficient way to get things done. When you have a team, the possibility exists that it will generate magic and produce something extraordinary. But don’t count on it. Even when you have a strong and cohesive team, it’s often in competition with other teams, and that dynamic can also get in the way of real progress. This means that you have two strikes against you right from the beginning, which is one reason why having a team is often worse than having no team at all. End of the world? Not really.
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For Team Leaders . First Time Manager . Mid-Senior Level Managers

Coming together as a team today is a given. But how many team leader appreciate the power of coaching and using it to tilt the team towards a higher performance. Coaching team is a different game plan. Team coaching is about understanding the psychological dynamic of a team. 
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STRATEGIC TEAM SESSION – a behavioral team-building program 
For Teams Looking Out for Purposeful and Targeted Retreat

Strategic Team Session (STS) takes team off-site into exploring deep into understanding one another, with an ultimate aim to increase and accelerate synergy in working together as one team. This is an unique customized team session where profiling are debriefed experientially, and putting individual personality to the test, through intentionally designed activities to trigger and activate desired behavior.
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