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A sales director called up the operation manager and demanded that the operation department to fire up 5 more assembly line to meet the demand of a new order. After a fierce conversation over the phone, the operation manager hung up the phone on the Director.

All of this can be avoided if the leader understand the subtle power of influence and not relying on pure authority. A skill that can instantly build and grow relationship or destroy one’s credibility and with it, organization’s result. The ability to influence is needed at every point in an organization. In one analysis of 360-degree feedback of first-time managers, influence was the No. 1 skill gap.



Influence is having the ability to move people positively from resistance into commitment. It is about the ability to decode what motivates people into taking action, and aligning them without using authority every single time as that can make a big den on your influence and credibility.



More than 60 years of research and experiment have been carried out and Influence is no longer a fluffy topic, but a skill that are scientifically tested and proven. By applying the psychology underlying influence and persuasion, we can become an positive influencer at work, in sales and most importantly, as a leader.

The Chief Facilitator is also an author of the book, “The Power Science of Influence”. A book based on psychological experiment conducted by psychologist and behavioral scientist that revealed the secret to human behavior and how we can leverage positively on the research to influence positively.




This program have been proven and tested over the years with major organizations like Natsteel, SIM, Nestle Singapore, Panasonic, CBRE, including major financial institutions, with participants ranging from senior leaders and managers, sales professionals, individual contributors and team lead.




  1. Identify and decode the Decision-Making Pattern of people through everyday conversation.
  2. Leverage on the decision making pattern and create empowering conversation to move people forward.
  3. Harness the ability to influence a person’s perception, by shifting and managing their perspectives.
  4. Identify your Influence quotient to calibrate your style and achieve greater impact.
  5. Identify how habitual pattern of people impact their decision and what we can do about it.
  6. Discover what the psychologist and behavioral scientist have discover about the human pattern.
  7. Create a Influence and strategy blueprint for managing different stakeholders.
  8. Discover how small action can create big impact.



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