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The Power of LeaderShift

The real application of leadership is when leaders today and tomorrow understand the importance of shifting mindset, shaping emotion and sharpening behavior to ignite performance of their people. There would be lesser leadership because “there is no more ship to lead” into the next century, but more people and environment to shift. Leaders who can harness the power of LeaderShift will have more followers and high impact team becasue these leaders understand human behavior and motivation at its best.

Key Take-Away:

  1. How people are motivated and how they would like to be motivated.
  2. What psychologist and behavioral scientist have discovered about human behavior and what we can do about it in our workplace as leader?
  3. Moving the paradigm and belief about leadership and how we can get ready for the next weave of leadership challenge.

Influence Without Authority

Influence without Authority is an advance leadership influence topic that emphasized on applying the psychology underlying influence so that we may become an influential leaders, influential communicators, without relying on authority alone.

Leaders today need to understand the importance of LeaderShift and not leadership. The ability to shift mindset, sharpen emotion and sharpening performance. Leadership is Influence. Influence is about people.

How do we move people from resistance to commitment without authority? The answer lies in the ability of leaders to understand the people decision-making pattern and the their behaviors that are highly predictable.

Key Take-away

  1. Shifting our paradigm on what it takes today to becoming an influential leaders.
  2. Identifying the basic and powerful human pattern and behaviors, and what leaders can do to leverage on this new power.
  3. Identifying the decision-making pattern of people and what we can do to influence our people positively.
  4. The keys to strengthening our leadership influence daily.

Supercharge Your Influence@Work

How do we increase our influence effectively without manipulation. Influence is a science that make the “art” unique. Influence is about moving people from resistance to commitment. And most importantly, ensuring your influence is permanent and not short-tem is key to influence and career success.

Start harnessing the power of inlfuence and the ability to influence. And yes, influence can be learn and most importantly, these are secrets that psychologists have found out over 60 years of research.

Key Take-away

  1. Identifying quickly the 02 types of people in workplace and how do we influence them effectively.
  2. Understand the basic human motivation pattern.
  3. Identify ways to increase your influence through scientifically proven strategies.

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Can money really buy us happiness? How do we achieve greater happiness with our money? This is a century old question with no answer until the science discovers something else. The aim of this session is to explore how the science can teach us to shift our paradigm about money and how we can use it to for happiness.

Key Take-Away:

  1. Appreciate the new paradigm about money and happiness.
  2. Utilize the principles of positive psychology to increase our happiness quotient with money in the equation.
  3. Taking active steps to create and update our mindset about success money and happiness.
  4. Simple ideas and strategies from positive psychology about using money to create happiness.

Supercharge Your Career Success!

In today fast moving world, the key about career success is not just about the financial incentives but it is also about personal development. Are you growing in the pace you would like to? Are you developing yourself that you find joy and fulfillment in your work?

Are you value adding to your environment or are you waiting for things to happen? This session share about what career success is all about and hopefully we can find the answer to the question that might be lingering in your mind.

Key Take-Away:

  1. Challenge the conventional mindset to career success.
  2. What is supporting and hindering us from being successful in our career?
  3. Transform our perspective. Transform our performance.
  4. The success factors in building a career.

The Psychology of Making Decision

Decision-making metaphorically is a game. It is a game of dilemma and calculated sacrifice. Some call it risk taking. We can make the right decision most of the time, but not all the time and there is no perfect decision to begin with.

So what will really help us to make a decision that will support rather than inhibit progress? It all boiled down to one thing – desired outcome. And how do we get there? By understanding the psychology driving our decisiveness.

Key Take-Away:

  1. Identify possible reasons that are delaying most of your decision.
  2. Appreciate the psychological traps to making good decision.
  3. Identify the possible strategies to ensure you are making useful decision.

Unlock The Psychology of Time

There is no way to manage time because no matter how much we manage, there is going to be just 24 hours. Nothing more and nothing less. Instead choose to control things you can control – your energy.

Our energy goes to where you choose to focus on. Where you focus, there lies your attention. If you choose your focus right, you will use more of your time right. And the question now is how?

Key Take-Away:

  1. Changing our Time perception
  2. Seeing Time as a Value versus Resource.
  3. How to increase our personal performance with less time.
  4. Increasing our performance at work and life through revealing our values and belief on time.