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Developing Leaders


For First-Time Managers . Mid-Senior Managers

80% to 90% of the time when leaders are at work, they require great influence skill to move themselves vertically and horizontally across an organization. This is highly critical to their success, especially in today’s landscape where matrix structure is highly common. This goes beyond purely just job competencies. The great leaders get things moving not becausse of their title nor experiences, but their ability to influence and align people into action. 
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For First-Time-Manager

Taking on the leadership role for the first time, the pressure to rise to expectation can be daunting. After-all, First-Time Managers are promoted based on their skill competencies, but not necessarily their people management skill. The First Time Managers find the landscape entirely unfamiliar as they have to manage the dynamic of people (i.e. people issue, expectations, performance, etc.). The program is designed to empower First-Time Manager to create their leadership navigation blueprint as they embark on this new journey.
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For Mid To Senior Managers

They are the leaders of managers, whom in their advance leadership role find their job exciting, complicated and interesting, but definitely not simple. They commonly face the challenge to close the gap between the top and bottom hierarchy and getting people into partnership mode. 90% of their work is influence – an important ability for success, which also includes coaching and growing their people vertically and horizontally across an organization. 
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