Influence Without Authority


Research has shown that 80 to 90 percent of our time at work requires us to influence. Influence is about moving people from resistance into commitment, and the people being willing to walk the extra mile for you again the next time you require their support.

This is especially important when we need to influence, lead and pace our stakeholders into agreeing with our perspectives without forcing it upon them, and thus helping them to expand their solution and frame of mind.

Whether you are a leader or manager, we need to influence without using our authority overtime. What if you are an individual contributor with no authority, the more crucial it is, to harness the ability to influence.


  • Challenging our paradigm on what it takes to influence people.
  • Identify what drives people into taking action by decoding their decision pattern.
  • Identify the power of having currencies to move people forward.
  • Predicting possible currencies using our RSA model.
  • Eliciting implied needs through pain and gain questioning.
  • Identifying your influence quotient (IQ) and how we can calibrate our style.
  • Appreciate how we can increase our influence exponentially over time.
  • Discover proven and highly applicable strategies by psychologist and scientist.




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