Influence Without Authority

To Influence without Authority is to harness the psychological strategies to Influence Across Authority. This program emphasized on identifying the human psychology, and applying them to become an influential communicator.

An internal study conducted by Microsoft showed that the group of people who received the most praise (cheers) from colleagues acted as communication hubs for the entire organization and were central to work getting done, in short, the number of cheers an employee received was highly correlated with high network influence.


It also revealed that top performer spent nearly four hours more per week collaborating internally rather than externally, and this group had larger internal networks with an average of 27 connections, indicating they are more influential within the company than their peers, compared to low performers with an average network size of only 20.

On the psychology aspect, our human brain is roughly 3% of our body weight and yet it uses 20-25% of our daily energy supply. This point to an important psychological fact, that people want to minimize the amount of time and brain energy thinking about a choice, and minimize the amount of time and bodily energy they expend toward carrying out actions after the choice is made –  an important invisible factor especially for organisation or leader trying to influence change.


Research has shown that 80 to 90 percent of our time at work requires us to influence and therefore an important ability to possess. However, we do need some form of currencies and authority to move the game.

The question is, how do we elicit those currencies (or authority) from our stakeholders so that they can align with our perspectives and helping them to expand their frame of mind, moving them from resistance to commitment.

The answer lies in our ability to identify how people make decision and our ability to predict behavior. After all, research has proven that human behavior is highly predictable majority of the time.




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