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Book Reviews

“A very daring approach into the minds by a Singapore author. Its frank techniques and analysis have empowered me such knowledge to be able to influence others in the right way. Joseph’s simplified strategies can finally be the ones to really lead and broadcast unique vibes. It’s officially our organisation’s instruction manual for success from now on.”

Ken Chia, Director, Modetti Office Services Group

“The book is a great read, as it was full of examples and stories that help to relate to life experiences. The stories allow me to relate to my work environment, which also relates to the everyday happenings in my life. What I love best about the book is its relevance to many facets of life. Not only will it helps the readers to be more efficient, it will definitely helps them to be more effective. A must read for managers and leaders.”

Vinson Ong ~ Deputy Division Manager
Singapore Technologies (Electronic Systems)

“A refreshing, practical and easy-to-read book that helps the reader to comprehend and apply influence and persuasion strategies quickly in the workplace!  Good read for someone new to people behaviour.”

Gabrielle Friederike Loh, Principal Psychologist