Action Videos


Action Video 01:

Behavioral Team-Building In Action

More than 80 people from the Asia Pacific came together with the CEO and Senior Management in this 01-day behavioral team-building exercise. Together with the PVP profiling exercise, the event ignite new directions for the organization across Asia.

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Action Video 02:

Behavioral Team-Building In Action

A group of 30 General Managers together with the Managing Director came together in this business retreat to ignite new direction and ideas with a breakthrough mindset for the new financial year.

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Action Video 03:

A Great Place To Work Keynote

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Action Video 04:

The Enlightened Leadership Training (with the PVP Profiling)

Senior managers and leaders from APAC coming together to learn about oneself and team, with one common aim of working together and building high impact result across Asia Pacific.

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Action Video 05:

Sales Training and Motivational Boot Camp

Sales Force coming together to forge strong team unity with activities designed to trigger desired beahvior and message for the new financial year.

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